Home Selling Process

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When you decide to commit to selling your home there are a few steps in the home selling process to make sure that you are really ready.

  1. List your home through a Realtor or Real Estate Agency like Roswell Real Estate or Alpharetta Realtor and remove yourself emotionally from it. Think of the sale of your home as a business transaction and do what you can to make sure that the home will be in a good selling shape. The more you can do to get your house in a good condition the faster it will sell. A house that sells fast will cost you less in time, mortgage payments, taxes, utilities, etc
  2. Get your paperwork in order. Go through your files and find all of the paperwork that you have on your property. Prepare and organize your documents so that you have everything that you need and that it is readily available. Some necessary documents include deed/mortgage satisfaction letters, copies of rental agreements, bills (tax bills, utility bills, utility company contract information). Make sure that any outstanding building permits are closed and any violations resolved. Most likely you will need to speak with an accountant with any tax implications that you need to keep in mind for your future tax returns.
  3. Clean and organize your home to make it easier to sell to Roswell Real Estate or Alpharetta Realtor. Remove personal items and photos so that potential buyers will not be distracted; you want potential buyers to imagine that your house is already theirs. Get rid of anything that isn't being used on a daily basis, such as extra furniture. Furniture takes up so much space so the less of it that you have in your home the more spacious your home will feel. Clear up bookshelves, counters, and tables. A good way to start de-cluttering your home is to begin at your front door and toss, donate, or pack up things to remove any extra that takes up space. Don’t forget if you have a basement, attic or garage to empty those rooms. Don't forget to make sure that the dishes are done, the counters are wiped down, bathroom spotless, carpet is kept vacuumed, and your place is free from dust. A good extra thing to add to make a real impression on your home is using air freshener and putting out a vase of freshly cut flowers.
  4. Repair or replace anything that is inexpensive and visible. Think about painting some rooms,the front door, garage door, and any exterior trim to freshen the place up and make the place more inviting. Replace house numbers with new lettering, replace burned out light bulbs, replace broken or outdated appliances and leaky faucets, re-caulk/re-grout tiles in baths and kitchens, and use WD-40 to make sure the drawers open easily. Don't forget to replace old and broken locks, doors, screens, and sliders if they don't work properly.
  5. Start showing with Roswell Real Estate or Alpharetta Realtor.