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If you want to buy a home in Gainesville, you should know Gainesville Real Estate news. Located in Hall Country, Georgia, the city of Gainesville is home to more than 33,000 people.  Gainesville has an exceedingly high number of poultry processing plants, and has become known as the “Poultry Capital of the World.”

What is the City Like?

The city of Gainesville is a popular choice for families, and professionals alike. Filled with beautiful homes, large lots, trails, impressive schools, and parks, the community continues to grow and gainesville-square-aerialdevelop into an ideal place to raise a family. Over the years, the city of Gainesville real estate market has seen a growth in people and families interested in moving to the picturesque city. This interest has grown for a number of reasons, one being that the city of Gainesville does not sit in Tornado Ally, this makes the city stand apart from many others nearby because of the risk associated with living that specific area. Another reason that the city has become such a popular location for prospective buyers is that the city is home to a large number of notable schools, ranging from elementary all the way up to post-secondary. In fact, the city is home to three post-secondary campuses, Brenau University, The University of North Georgia, and The Interactive College of Technology.

Gainesville Real Estate news

Like many cities in the area Gainesville real estate ranges in price and style, with starting prices sitting around $150,000. Many of the houses sitting in and around this price point are either split level or single story family homes. Additionally, there are various lots of land also available for sale starting at this price point. As the prices increase so too, does the variety of housing styles, and the size of property available for purchase. Although there are many properties for sale for those working on a lower budget, those looking for a larger property should consider the real estate in Gainesville as well, with many properties selling for well over $5 million dollars. These estates are extremely large, well-kept, and offer plenty of natural light, and high-end fixtures and finishings.

In addition to the property types described above that are sold in a more traditional manner, like many communities in the area, Gainesville has a number of foreclosure properties that are available for purchase, and often sold at a much lower price than they would be if listed and sold in the traditional manner.

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