Georgia Real Estate

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Trend of Georgia Real Estate Market

Like all states, the housing market throughout the state of Georgia is unique, in and of itself, and continues to vary as you look at each city individually. For example, in the last year, the average price of residential Georgia real estate, particularly in the city of Atlanta, has increased approximate 2%, or $5000. Additionally, the price per square foot has jumped for approximately $166.00 up to $180.00

Now, as stated above, these figures tend to vary somewhat depending on where it is that you are planning on moving. However, the general increase in pricing within Georgia real estate and the overall cost of housing in Georgia can be seen and generalized as a statewide increase.

Other Popular Locations within the State of Georgia

Kirkwood, Atlanta, Georgia

The community of Kirkwood is a popular area within the city of Atlanta. It is also another location that has seen a slight increase in the overall cost of real estate. The average price of a home currently sits at around $355,000 and sells for approximately $251.00 per square foot.

Milledgeville, Georgia

The city of Milledgeville, Georgia is a popular area that offers quite an affordable housing market, especially when compared to the pricing of some other houses in Georgia. The average cost of a house within the city of Milledgeville is approximate $113,500, and houses costing under $80 per square foot.

Blue Ridge, Georgia

The city of Blue Ridge, Georgia offers a bit of a blend when it comes to the cost of living. While the city has seen a minor increase in the cost of housing and real estate, the community of Blue Ridge is still widely considered to be an extremely affordable place to buy real estate. The average cost of a house in Blue Ridge is less than $180,000, with each square foot costing approximately $127.00.

Rent in Georgia

Similar to the cost of buying a house in Georgia, the cost of rent in most areas has seen a slight increase as well. In most cases, the existence, and percentage of this raise can be seen in correlation with the change in the cost of nearby houses. An example of this is the city of Milledgeville. Unlike a lot of other areas, housing in Milledgeville is still considered to be quite cheap, and so too is the cost of rent, with the average cost of monthly rent coming in at less than $1000.  The same can be said for the city of Blue Ridge, where housing costs have only increased slightly, and the median rent is also less than $1000.00.