Homes For Sale in Georgia with Realtor Viral Chhadua

Homes for sale in georgia at some point or another almost everyone has to sell their home. It's a time when people may be confused because there are many questions and few answers. Fortunately for you, realtor Viral Chhadua can not only answer your questions, but he can also help you with things you may not even have thought of. When you sign on to homes for sale with Viral, you are going to be overwhelmed with his knowledge and customer service driven attitude. With Viral, you can't go wrong.
Check out our seller's checklist to see a general overview of what the process will be like.

#1 Deciding to Sell Your Home

If you have homes for sale in Georgia the decision is not an easy one. Weigh out the pros and cons of this decision before you proceed. Think about the type of projects you need to get done and whether or not that is going to be worth selling your home. You want to leave your home in better condition than you found it in to get the most value.

#2 What to do once you have made a decision, If you have homes for sale in georgia

Once you have made your decision homes for sale then it is time to start working on those projects. You may need to call carpet companies, roofers, and other construction businesses in order to get your home in prime condition. The next step is to call a local realtor to sell your home. We recommend contact with Viral Chhadua because he is efficient and knowledgeable in the area of selling homes.

#3 Determining the property value of your home

Make sure you have a qualified real estate agent who can help you accurately determine the value of your home. A wrong appraisal can kill the process of selling your home. Make sure to use someone as knowledgeable as Viral so you can get your home on the market for the right price.

#5 Advertising your homes for sale in Georgia

Your realtor can use any of the following methods to get traffic to your home:

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Open Houses
  • Website listings
  • Print Ads
  • Magazines
  • Other Marketing Strategies

#6 The sale

The Offer

Once you get an offer on your homes for sale it is up to you to decide whether or not the offer is acceptable. If you are happy with the offer you still may want to negotiate to get even better value.

The Counter-Offer

When you let the buyer know that their offer is not sufficient then they may respond in a few ways. They could tell you that they are ready to move on. However, if they are truly interested in your home they will give you a counter-offer that may be closer to what you are looking for. At this point you can accept the offer or move on to another buyer.


Negotiating is a complicated process that you want to leave to your real estate agent. Negotiating is one of the most important parts of selling your home. A good negotiator such as Viral Chhadua may be the difference between getting good value for your home and making a bad deal.

#7 Moving

Once the sale is final you need to decide to handle the move yourself or call a moving company. Once you make a decision, all that is left to do is the move itself. It can be a headache, but you will be in your new home relaxing within a few weeks at the most.