Buying Oakwood Real Estate

Oakwood, Georgia is a quaint little town with a budding community of families who have purchased Oakwood Real Estate. Oakwood is located in Hall County and borders Gainesville, GA. It is actually considered a metro city of Gainesville. In 2010, the census showed that there were only 3,970 people living in the city at the time. However, with the conversion of Gainesville College to a University of North Georgia Campus there is a possibility that number has now grown quite a bit. The city is not only small in population, but also in land. There is only 3.1 square miles of land in Oakwood. While it is very close to Lake Lanier, Oakwood actually does not touch the lake at all. The Chestnut Mountain community was annexed into the city of Oakwood in 2008 which did slightly increase the size. The small area that Oakwood covers has made the price of Oakwood Real Estate stay relatively steady over the years.

History of Oakwood Real Estate

Believe it or not, the city of Oakwood was actually named after the railroad tracks that trains use to travel through the city. Many of the trains that used to and still do travel through Oakwood are said to contain a lot of wood... specifically oak. Hence the name, Oakwood. Before the city was called Oakwood, it went by another name. It used to be called O'Dell's crossing because the main land owner in the area was named Ulysses S. O'Dell Sr. His land was located very close to the train tracks. The name was changed to Oakwood in 1896.

While Oakwood does not have a lot of land, there are many Oakwood Real Estate neighborhoods and shops popping up all over the city. One of those neighborhoods is called "Mundy Mill". It is a development that is going to be the largest neighborhood in the area. It will have its own shopping, dining, & school. This is hot area of Oakwood Real Estate that you may want to consider. The neighborhood has many nice amenities including a swim, tennis, picnic, and playground area. This is the ideal place for young families or retired couples as well.

Oakwood Realtor Viral Chhadua

There are many great reasons to buy Oakwood Real Estate. Whether you are looking to relocate or simply looking to buy a rental property Oakwood is an up and coming area to do so. Give Viral a call today and let him find you the perfect house for you and your family.